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Articles and publications

Articles and publications

Medirent company provides technical support of key information technology of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

Realization of projects on support, maintenance and adaptation of information systems «Tax block» of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. 

Information technology as an important factor in ensuring the legitimacy of power

Security System «Elections» - a significant contribution to information security

The article describes the main challenges faced by developers UIAS «Elections» in the preparation and holding extraordinary parliamentary elections in Ukraine in October 2014 in terms of information security system. The basic steps and solutions, thus ensuring safe and smooth operation UIAS «Election» and the success of the project. 

Complex Information Security Systems: To be or not to be?

Automation of electoral processes - an important factor in the legitimacy of power and democracy

E-services portal of the Pension Fund of Ukraine - really acting elements of e-government

Proposals for the establishment of the system of electronic government in Ukraine

Submission specifying data (error correction) in Tables 5 and 6 of Annex 4 for prior periods

Efficient use of government information resources on the database instance personified accounting of the Pension Fund of Ukraine

Summary results of the section on e-Government iForum 2014

Comparative characteristics of distributed and centralized architectures in the context of modern information systems

Fill Table 5 report on Single Contribution without errors

Fill Table 5 report on Single Contribution without errors

Distributed IP - a threat to national security information

Pension Fund of Ukraine needs to implement a new centralized system of appointment and payment of pensions

Pension Calculator - a useful settlement and analytical tool

Opinion on expanding the functions of the calculator. 

Reporting bugs on a single social contribution. How to re-submit a report on the Single Contribution (Annex 4) after the statutory deadline for filing?

How to re-submit a report on the Single Contribution (Annex 4) after the statutory deadline for filing? 

Information security of critical infrastructures

Will be electronic elections?

What happened to Microsoft forefront TMG?

SMART Ukraine – we can do it!

The concept of e-Government - Smart not only in IT, but also in all aspects of our lives.

E-government. If it works for us - today I would be happy!

E-government. If it works for us - today I would be happy! 

Information security in government: nowadays challenges

Risk assessment to government information resources and suggestions to minimize them.

Alternative view of the problems of building e-government in Ukraine, part 1

Some suggestions for building e-government in Ukraine.

Projection Estonia’s eGovernment experience on Ukrainian realities

The author's analysis of the Estonian experience in building e-government, as well as its possible interpretation in Ukrainian conditions.

Quality management system: way internal improvement

The other day in the next probably already 5th time certified for quality standard ISO 9001:2008, which held Swiss company SGS.

Model of information management for social services provision

We offer you аn article about the structure, functioning and main advantages of using a model of information management for social services. The model is based task of creating a new principle of providing services in the social sphere, which carry outaccounting and management information through the unification of social media.

Services in the social sphere include pension payments, payments for other types ofsocial insurance, assistance, subsidies and other benefits in social protection, social benefits, social benefits and other social and related services.

Elections and IT: transparency, reliability, innovation

Parliamentary elections in Ukraine are traditionally important political event, capable in the years ahead to predetermine the direction of domestic and foreign policy. These results attracted the attention of the international community, Ukrainian politicians and citizens of the country as a whole. The most important task here is to ensure the reliability and timeliness of information on the progress and results of the elections, transparency counting. Such a task, as well as the subsequent analysis of the results of the voting is the aim of the establishment and operation of information-analytical system (IAS) «Election of People's Deputies of Ukraine».