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Methodology and quality

 We start from the definition of that quality - the degree to meet the requirements of explicit and implicit expectations of the customer.


 According to the above:


  • Quality is not absolute and is a product of system requirements, design constraints, technology
  • His support goes beyond the absence of software errors
  • To a large extent depends on the vision of the customer


Quality requirements for forming object in the survey process automation, development of Terms of Reference, the formation of a common vision of the project customer and executor.


However, to ensure the quality of those approaches are important, which are realized in the manufacturing process of our company.


We use a manufacturing process, which is based on the methodology for the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), in particular, the team model, process model, cyclic development, professional project management, configuration management clear.


 The important elements of quality assurance are:


  • The most complete identification of customer requirements and expectations
  • A clear, formal production process
  • The use of appropriate technical solutions and development tools
  • The professional level of staff
  • Providing, as one of the final stages of the project, conducting operational testing of the system
  • Support for the system after its implementation